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Vanilla Caramel Bubble Bath Block

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For your bath & body pleasure shop online Bubble Baths by Planet Yum. Australian Made quality Vanilla Caramel Bubble Bath block is enriched with sweet, salty buttery caramel & rich creamy vanilla, oriental tonka beans & coconut cream. An outstanding scent for vanilla caramel lovers! Best bubble bath you will ever have!
Top notes: sweet cotton candy sugar, malt Middle notes: butter, salted caramel Base notes: vanilla deluxe, tonka bean, coumarin, coconut
Approx. 80g each  4.5 x 4.5 x 3cm
Ingredients: pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate (bicarb soda), citric acid (food grade), sodium lauryl sulphate (coconut derived), polysorbate 80 (non-toxic, naturally canola derived wash off dispersant), pure grade Australian made fragrances & essential oils, no added colour, however, product will discolour to brown due to the vanillin content). Our formula doesn't contain cornstarch.