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Unicorn Cupcake Soap

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Unicorn Cupcake Soap is a Planet Yum original soap cupcake piped with natural goat milk soap. A colourful hand made, delicious scented cupcake soap. The perfect scented soap gift. Cupcake soaps come individually boxed.
Handmade in Australia by Planet Yum
please allow for variations in colour/style as this is a handmade product.
Approx 120g
Ingredients: saponified oils of Coconut (Non-GMO), Australian olive and canola, castor bean oil, fresh goat milk, perfume & essential oils, cocoa butter, colours CI.51319 (violet) Pigment violet 23, CI.16255 (red) and white titanium dioxide which is USP and EP grade and is suitable for use in food, drugs and cosmetics. Cosmetic grade glitter. Palm-free, Sulphate-free, No animal testing, nothing else added – just what’s listed here.