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Scrunch Bucket Flamingo Pink

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Say hello to a scrunch bucket – a bucket for life!

A bucket that looks so good, feels amazing and can be taken anywhere and used for anything - fold, it, roll it or scrunch it. 

The award-winning bucket is designed to be squashed into small spaces and is great for carrying water, picking fruit, building sandcastles and for storing all your other scrunch products!

Made of recyclable silicone (goodbye ugly, unsustainable plastic buckets that break easily), in lots of beautiful colours with a matching rope and solid silicone handle.

  • Recyclable – made from 100% recyclable food grade silicone
  • Sustainable – use it over and over again
  • Washable – easy to keep clean
  • Non-toxic – it can double as a dog bowl or a plant holder
  • Strong – it’s made to last
  • Durable – it’ll hold its shape and look good for years

Height - 16cm; Width - 13cm; Depth - 10cm; Capacity - 1.5L