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Pink Floral Scrunchies | Sass N Roots

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Our handmade hair scrunchies offer more protection than smaller scrunchies. As they give a higher protection barrier between your hair and the elastic in the our scrunchies. The large amount of fabric used in our scrunchies makes the elastic gentler on your hair. Made with premium sourced materials and elastic to secure your hair beautifully.

If smaller thin scrunchies get lost in your hair or don't give you as much hair flare then our premium handmade scrunchies are for you, durable, vibrant and unique. Each scrunchie is made with care and love from us! Our premium scrunchies are made with quality fabrics and elastics.

Medium XL Scrunchie has a total width of 13cm.
Fabric width is 5cm (middle to outer edge).

Large XL Scrunchies has a total width of 16cm.
Fabric width is 6cm (middle to outer edge).

Australian Made