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Little Lunch Notes

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  • What are Little Lunch Notes? They're sweet little notes to pop in your little one's lunchbox to bring a smile to their face each day. We like to think of them as a little ray of sunshine and a reminder that mum and dad are thinking of them throughout the day. 

    Lunch notes are printed on coated card stock, meaning they can be re-used if your kids' lunchboxes don't get too mucky (better yet, place the note inside your child's insulated lunch bag, but outside the box!) 

    Messages on the cards include:

    • You're the sweetest!
    • So proud of you
    • You're the best kid ever
    • Have a great first day
    • Yay! It's lunch time
    • You Rock
    • I Love You
    • Treat Day
    • Good Luck Today!
    • Cool Kid
    • You're a star
    • Happy Birthday
    Little Lunch Notes include 30 cards (15 designs, so two of each). Each card measures 88mm x 63mm (about the same size as a playing card), printed on laminated 340GSM environmentally friendly paper.

    Little Lunch Notes are cleverly created in the Sprout and Sparrow studio and made in Melbourne, Australia.