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Large Carry Cot - Famille Mirabelle

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Recommended age: 2 +

In the middle of a clearing, under the shade of a large oak tree, you will find nestled together, an adorable family of rabbits and mice called ‘La Famille Mirabelle’.

The large carry cot is ideal when all the Mirabelle family is off on their adventures,  with soft sides and firm base the outer fabric is salmon pink and inside a bright patterned blue/green colour. Comes with a spotted green pillow and pink and green spotted double sided soft blanket.

These sweet carry cots are made from cotton and velour and come in three different sizes.

Size: The depth at the high end is approx. 125 mm and the low end is approx. 90 mm  The overall external length of the cot is 320 mm, and the higher section starts to rise up approx. 90 mm from the high end.  The transition from the 90 mm side to the higher end is fairly sharp.

The cot is approximately 230 mm wide.

Care: Hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle (do not tumble dry)

Designed in France by Moulin Roty.