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Bio Dough Figurines Dino Pack

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Bio Dough Figurines are safe, natural, colourful, stimulating and fun additions to your kids' Bio Dough creations. Whether hiding the eggs, or placing the Easter bunny on big pile of Bio Dough, the possibilities are endless.

Whether placing a unicorn on a cloud, or a dinosaur on the mountain, the possibilities are endless. Age of Dinosaurs contains kids' favourite Figurines 🦕 🌳 🦖 with Orange & Green  Bio Dough Samplers.

Made of 100% natural ingredients.

100% Vegan Wax


All ingredients are Certified Food Graded

Bio Dough Figurines are waterproof and reusable! (washable with cold water)

Handmade in Australia, from all-natural, food-graded ingredients making it totally safe if some end up in your little one's mouth by mistake.

Comes in a black gift box.
23 x 15 x H=4cm

* Choking hazard for kids 3 years old and below. Kids 3 years+.

Adult supervision required.